Beekawa Rose Petal & Kawakawa face/hair serum
Beekawa Rose Petal & Kawakawa face/hair serum
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Beekawa Rose Petal & Kawakawa face/hair serum

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This is Beekawa's exquisite, LIMITED RELEASE Rose petal & kawakawa face & hair serum. Beautifully handmade, using amazing healing & effective rongoa,  Kawakawa, & all of the goodness out of the classic antique rose bushes, all brewed down, as we do at Beekawa, the traditional way, following and respecting protocols along the way 🙏

These limited edition, are 30ml amber glass bottles, with a glass dropper for application, so you are able to control the small amount needed, as a little goes a long way!

TO USE : Use all over face, neck and also amazing as an occasional hair treatment or tamer. Safe over eyes, lips etc too ... all edible ingredients, no extra nasties at all added ✌
ROSE OIL BENEFITS hydrate skin, assist healing acne & fine lines, minimising appearance of scars, & also helping with conditions such as eczema & rosacea.
KAWAKAWA BENEFITS kawakawa aids the body in responding to / healing inflammation. What this means is that the plant is generally soothing and helps with reduction of blemishes/acne, rashes, fine lines, burns, and skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis and more.